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A Care Connection


We are a licensed Nurse Registry dedicated to referring Private Duty caregivers that maximize independence and safety at home.

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About A Care Connection Referral Services

Who We Are

A Care Connection is a leading coordinator of nursing and home health aide in-home care referral services that connects clients with compassionate and knowledgeable caregivers who provide customized and personalized care in the client’s home. Because of its dedication to ensuring clients receive extraordinary care, A Care Connection works tirelessly to refer only the most qualified nurses, therapists, certified nursing assistants, home health aides, and other caregivers. The one-on-one home care provided by these exceptional caregivers allows for maximum independence and safety at home. Please contact us today to learn more about how the caregiver referral program may be the solution you or your loved one are looking for.

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Call us at (904) 899-5520

Referral Services

Skilled Nursing Care


Skilled Nursing Care Referral

Experienced nurses can provide wound care, surgical aftercare, cardiac management, and more, all from the comfort of their own home!

Medical Social Services


Medical Social Services Referral

A Medical Social Worker can assist with grief counseling, hospital discharge procedures, and long-term care coordination.

Home Health Aides


Home Health Aide Referral

Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants can assist with all activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, walking, eating, and toileting. They can also provide medication reminders, transportation services and light housekeeping services.

Homemakers & Companion Caregivers

Homemakers & Companion Caregiver Referral

These caregivers can engage with you or a loved one to keep them mentally and physically stimulated while also providing general supervision and assistance with light household chores such as dishes, laundry, and cooking meals.

Physical & Occupational Therapy


Physical & Occupational Therapy

Our physical and occupational therapists can assess fall risk, provide rehabilitation services, and help improve strength, mobility, and fine motor skills through physical exercises as well as cognitive and massage therapy.

Speech Therapy


Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists are able to assist when swallowing or communicating articulately becomes difficult.

Why Choose Us

Throughout Jacksonville and the Tampa Bay area, A Care Connection has provided caregiver referrals to ensure that countless individuals have maintained independence while leading fulfilling, active lives with the help of top-notch caregiver referrals. A Care Connection refers caregivers to give you or your loved one the attention, security, and company they deserve!

A Care Connection is a referral service only and does not provide home care services.  Home Care services are provided by the referred caregivers.  

A Care Connection is family and locally owned and operated. We are large enough to have the resources of other franchise agencies, yet small enough to ensure that you have the right level of support for care requested.  Clients work directly with the caregivers to develop a personalized and focused care plan based on your individual needs.

Referred caregivers don't focus simply on physical and medical needs. Instead, they go above and beyond to ensure the client's daily lives are meaningful through emotional support and mental stimulation.

A Care Connection's superior customer service means that we will assist our client's with referral services for whatever their needs are, even if it has nothing to do with in-home care. In the past, we have connected clients with attorneys to assist with advance directive planning or even provided referrals to help set up lawn services. No matter the need, we assist our clients with managing their lives.

Patient Testimonial

The referred caregiver through A Care Connection comes in three times a week for four hours a day. She comes to help Mom with breakfast and lunch, with activities, and for companionship. She's very nice, my mother loves her, and they get along very well.  Mom is thrilled to be able to stay at home!

- Gerarda

Patient Testimonial

We hired A Care Connection for our mother, and it's been very good. They help with changing her diaper, getting her up in the morning, and feeding her. They're very lenient about scheduling. The owner came into the house, and I like him very much.

- Julie

Patient Testimonial

A Care Connection provided world-class care for my grandma and took the extra steps to make sure be she had a wonderful experience. They allowed her to live safely and independently at home and she LOVES having their help!!

- Michael

Patient Testimonial

The care that our team provided has been flawless! The nurses have gone above and beyond and they have been the most caring and compassionate nurses I have encountered. Having A Care Connection execute this case last-minute has given me so much peace that I can’t describe.

- Glen

Patient Testimonial

In all my years in PT after a surgery, I’ve never met a therapist who was more punctual and understanding of my schedule, my health, and my life with MS. I appreciated his patience, kind words, and ability to help my arm move the way it should.

- Ajah

Patient Testimonial

I love my caregiver! He is caring, patient, and encouraging. Just a fine young man!

- Gerard

Patient Testimonial

Nurse was AMAZING! Very professional, knowledgeable, and caring. And the physical therapist was SO aware and understood my capabilities. She took me so far that the doctor was impressed. She was just fantastic, patient, and knew so much.

- Janie

Patient Testimonial

I have dealt with two other agencies and you are the best!

- Anna

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